Agenda 2019 - Certamente - Italian Neuromarketing Days 2018


The conference agenda is yet to be confirmed, but we can already give you a first taste of it.


Plenary sessions:


Introduction to neuromarketing and behavioural sciences.

The speech will focus on the benefits and the role of a neuromarketing approach for the goals of global brands.

Professor Yoon’s speech will be dedicated to neuro-forecasting and how studying behaviours and brain mechanisms can offer a better understanding of future trends



Three thematic sessions on Brand, Product, Retail


As for now, speakers will be:

The two speakers will be sharing results from recent research studies highlighting the insights that are helping the organisation to improve the emotional impact of the brand on property to visitors.

Harmsen and Adel will present insights from a research into shopping behaviour and the role of emotional and sensory experience in relation to POS marketing

  • Matteo Motterlini, Economist and Philsopher, specialized on Science Philosophy, Behavioural Economics and Neuroeconomy, and Daniele Manca, Assistant Director at newspaper Corriere della Sera.

There will be a dialogue about Economics and Behavioural Economics between the two speakers on differences, benefits and points of view for companies and their business.