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Storytelling and artificial intelligence: when stories are told by robots

Abstract from the book by Joseph Sassoon // Researcher and author expert in brand and storytelling

Our brain during analog and digital reading: the advantages of bi-literacy

Written by Barbara Monteleone // Strategic Planner - Ottosunove The development of language and literacy are achievements that took millennia [...]

What is eye-tracking and how does it work?

Eye-tracking is a technique that uses a tool, the eye-tracker, to observe and record how and for how long an input is observed.

What are nudges and what are they used for?

If we were purely rational beings, as is often and erroneously believed, probably none of us would engage in extreme [...]

What is IAT (Implicit Association Test) and how does it work?

The IAT is an easy-to-implement tool that reveals important information on what people really feel, emotionally and instinctively, about a brand, a product or a commercial

What is electroencephalography (EEG) and how does it work?

Electroencephalography measures the electrical impulses that enable neurons to communicate and exchange information.