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Article by Luca Florentino // CEO  – Ottosunove

Our story began in 2015. 

It was late March and unusually cold for Barcelona. The first idea of organising an event dedicated entirely to neuromarketing for business in Italy was conceived here, between the sessions of the World Neuromarketing Forum and Gaudì’s bold architecture.

In April 2016, that idea became a reality in Rome, with the first edition of CERTAMENTE – Italian Neuromarketing Days, thanks to the commitment of OTTOSUNOVE and BRAINSIGNS, and to the faith of a first group of pioneers comprising universities, companies and managers.

Our aim was to show the business community how a scientifically solid and correctly applied neuromarketing approach is crucial to improving brand communication, customer experience, products, retail, customer relationships, etc.

Since then, thanks to the next four editions of the conference and a growing interest in the applications of neuromarketing and behavioural sciences, the CERTAMENTE community has grown and become increasingly articulate and international. 

Today, the transformation of  into an editorial platform responds above all to the need to create a digital space for sharing and interaction with this community and with anyone else interested in the applications and benefits of neuromarketing and behavioural sciences in a wide variety of areas of economic and social life.

Fabio Babiloni

In an omnichannel world, where physical events and digital reality are increasingly combined and interconnected, the CERTAMENTE platform aims to disseminate scientifically solid and validated studies, experiences, projects and testimonies, to improve and expand the knowledge and understanding of these subjects, which are so crucial to understanding and shaping our future.

For this reason, we are making five years of speeches, case studies, videos, interviews and articles freely available to everyone, and will keep on producing content, with the support of the many friends of CERTAMENTE who have built this event together with us over the years and who, today, become contributors to the new editorial project.

The pandemic has shuffled the cards and given us a different world, in which some certainties have disappeared, others seem less meaningful, we have gained new awareness and look to the future with unsure curiosity.

In this framework, consumer neuroscience and behavioural science can strategically contribute to a new understanding of the deep motivations that drive decision-making processes, new habits and our way of perceiving brand values, brand communication and dialogue, customer experience and lifestyles.

Two years of restrictions which have forced us into a world of limited sensoriality have also made us more aware of the importance of our senses, the physicality of the world, and the difference between online and offline experiences. At the same time, digital technology is redesigning entire business models, production sectors and distribution channels, as well as our personal and professional habits.

Change is always a challenge for our brains, which are conservative by nature. In the recent past we have taken refuge in the protection of our homes and old habits. But there are many signs all around us that also speak of courage, responsibility, the will to experiment and research. These are deep-seated impulses, often born of entrepreneurial instinct and intuition that perceives the faint signals of the context, even before they become structured ideas for new products, services or ways of communicating with the public.

It is important to transform them into innovative, sustainable and profitable strategies, both in the short and long term, sustained by man’s knowledge and centrality, accompanied by authentic, people-friendly, easy and empathetic communication.

The aim we set in 2015 still seems valid today.


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