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Misbelief – What Makes Rational People Believe Irrational Things

Dan Ariely, professor, psychologist specialising in behavioural sciences and best-selling author, publishes Misbelief, a riveting new book that explores the [...]

The new challenges of neuromarketing at the NWF

We talk about artificial intelligence and improved research methodologies in this new article by Luca Florentino // CEO of Ottosunove

Stop Talking to Your Customers

Article by Alastair Herbert // Founder of Linguabrand

Mindfully involved

Article by Patrizia Cherubino // Head of Neuromarketing Research di BrainSigns


Article by Luca Florentino // CEO  РOttosunove

Storytelling and artificial intelligence: when stories are told by robots

Abstract from the book by Joseph Sassoon // Researcher and author expert in brand and storytelling