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Category: Neuromarketing

Stop Talking to Your Customers

Article by Alastair Herbert // Founder of Linguabrand

Storytelling and artificial intelligence: when stories are told by robots

Abstract from the book by Joseph Sassoon // Researcher and author expert in brand and storytelling

Our brain during analog and digital reading: the advantages of bi-literacy

Written by Barbara Monteleone // Strategic Planner - Ottosunove The development of language and literacy are achievements that took millennia [...]

What is eye-tracking and how does it work?

Eye-tracking is a technique that uses a tool, the eye-tracker, to observe and record how and for how long an input is observed.

What is IAT (Implicit Association Test) and how does it work?

The IAT is an easy-to-implement tool that reveals important information on what people really feel, emotionally and instinctively, about a brand, a product or a commercial

What is electroencephalography (EEG) and how does it work?

Electroencephalography measures the electrical impulses that enable neurons to communicate and exchange information.