April 14th

Neuroscience & Marketing Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Academic opinions from different disciplines
Coordination by prof. F. Babiloni, Physiology Department in University of Rome “Sapienza”

An Agenda to better understand how successfully include neuromarketing into business process

Executive Board (Luca Florentino, Barbara Monteleone, Arianna Trettel)

“Choose me, darling” – Facing current marketing challenges using neuroscience

The smartphones have triggered very different behaviour and attitudes. – How to get customers’ attention in the info-xicated society. – Avoid commoditization being perceived as really different from competitors. – How to be the chosen option when you are not the chepest. – To persuade customers in a brain-suitable way.

Lluis Martinez- Ribes – Associate professor at ESADE Business School and partner at “m+f=!”

Neuromarketing contribution in TIM rebranding strategy

Gaia Spinella & Antonella Mandarano – TIM Brand Analysis and Monitoring

The use of neuromarketing in communication and design, Gesa Lischka

“Buenting Tea” Understanding inconscious motives that make customers buy or not will help
improve sales without increasing your marketing budget.
An interesting case about the interaction between design and perceived taste”.
“Hagebaumarkt Corporate Design Alignment” The use of a semantic analysis of signs and codes via the limbic map to align the design of communication and Instore Design and check how well they fit with the brand positioning”

April 15 th

“Flower power” – Combining neuro and behavioural economics at the Shelf.

Elissa Moses – Ipsos Executive Vice president and Head of Ipsos Neuro Behavioural Science Centre

Un’agenda per migliorare il business con il neuromarketing

1+1=3 , Neuromarketing and storytelling to optimize the impact of a website

  • Joseph Sassoon, Director and Researcher in Alphabeth Research;
  • Arianna Trettel, Co-founder and Director in Brain Signs;
  • Luca Fiorentino, CEO of OTTOSUNOVE

From neuroscience to Emotional Raising, Francesco Ambrogetti

Neurometric impact and optimal expositions’ frequency with informational or emotional commercials, Patrizia Cherubino


Francesco Ambrogetti

Fundraising marketing Director UNICEF italia

babiloni new
Fabio Babiloni

Graduated with honours in Electronic Engineering, Babiloni earned a PhD in Neural Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. He is the scientific director of BrainSigns, a scientific innovation spin-off of the Sapienza University of Rome, where he teaches various courses in physiology, neuroscience, neuroeconomics, neuromarketing and bioengineering.

Author of over 250 scientific publications, he made the list of Top Italian Scientists, the best 2500 living Italian scientists in all fields of knowledge operating in Italy and abroad.

Michela Balconi

Professor in Neuropsychology & Cognitive Neuroscience at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Patrizia Cherubino

BrainSigns – Neuromarketing Researcher

Luca Florentino

CEO and Founder – Ottosunove
CEO of Ottosunove, communication company, and Member of the Executive Committee of Certamente – Italian Neuromarketing Days, the first Italian event about neuromarketing.

Sirio Greco

È Global Key Account Manager con oltre 15 anni di esperienza nell’industria dell’illuminazione. È Manager e Sales Global Director per Zumbotel Lighting.

Gesa Lischka

Owner and co-founder of Kochstrasse™
Gesa is an expert in b2b and b2c brand marketing. Over the last years she has been presenting and explaining neuromarketing concepts and case studies among international business auditories.

Gianpiero Lugli

Prof. Marketing Distribution at University of Parma

Antonella Mandarano

Si è occupata di ricerche e benchmarking competitivi sulla percezione di brand e advertising per Tim, partecipando attivamente al processo di rebranding della vecchia Telecom Italia.

Lluis Martinez-Ribes

Consultant Partner m+f=!

Alberto Mattiacci

President of Società Italiana Marketing and Prof. in Business and Economics Management

Barbara Monteleone

Senior Strategic Planner -Ottosunove

Elissa Moses

CEO Neuro & Behaviour science Ipsos

Joseph Sassoon

È stato professore di sociologia della comunicazione all’Università Statale di Milano. È partner di ALPHABET, istituto di ricerca sulla comunicazione con un metodo che combina alla semiotica francese la ricchezza teorico-pragmatica degli screen-writer americani.

Gaia Spinella

È Head of Market Research & Analysis Consumer and Business per Tim, per cui si occupa di indagini di mercato, Analisi di posizionamento a supporto dell’offerta Consumer e Business.

Daniele Tirelli

Prof. Consumer & shopping behaviour, Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia, University of Milan & IULM University, President POPAI ITALY

Arianna Trettel
Arianna Trettel

BrainSigns Co-founder and Director
Marketing researcher, she promotes workshops and discussions about neuromarketing throughtout Italy and manages neuromarketing studies for big-name comapnies.