2nd March 2017

Measure and interpret the brain and heart activity during consumer stimuli: how and why

Chairman: Fabio Babiloni

  • Alberto Mattiacci: “Mind and Market. The perspective of marketing management on neuro-metrics”
  • Riccardo Barbieri: “Algorithms and mathematical models reveal emotional states”
  • Doriana De Marco: “Predicting consumer choices through electroencephalography”
  • Alberto Gallace: “The role of the tactile component in the product evaluation”
  • Michela Balconi: “A neuroscientific multi-methods approach (EEG, biofeedback, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). From the pack to ADV”
  • Vincenzo Russo: “EEG analysis and integration with biometric data for advertising effectiveness”

Intuition-Based Executive Decision Making and its Relation to Neuromarketing, Jay Liebowitz

In this era of big data, analytics is playing a dominant role in data-driven decision making. Recent studies, however, have shown that many executives do not trust their internal data quality and are relying more on their intuition. This presentation will highlight research, issues, and trends in intuition-based executive decision making and its relation to neuromarketing.

The unconscious side of brand strategy, Daryl Weber

Understanding how to build better brand strategies: presentation of three case studies (Nike, Trump, Cadbury).

Neuromarketing: from packaging to ADV in Amadori, Michela Balconi & Beniamino Stumpo

From top level positioning by persuasion patterns to consumer understanding and physical and digital retail space.

How The Adidas Brand Voice Cuts Through the Noise, Alastair Herbert

From top level positioning by persuasion patterns to consumer understanding and physical and digital retail space.

Exploring how consumers truly feel about brands, Eamon Fulcher

A case study on the packaging of a brand of white wine, demonstrating the importance of “implicit” measurement to fully understand brand equity and brand values.

3rd March 2017

Neuroscience of Beauty and Attractiveness, Daniel B. Yarosh

The evolutionary biology of beauty perception by the brain and how we can use that knowledge to make and market better skin products, both cosmetic and derm/pharma.

Enhancing the “unspoken” related to the brand values in order to increase its share, Arianna Trettel, Luca Florentino & Manuela Ricci

By measuring implicit associations we can develop more effective training and a more relevant and engaging brand storytelling for sales departments. The study case of the Trade Assistant Home Appliances Bosch network.

Canada Post “Connecting for Action”: Understanding the Role of Direct mail vs. Digital Advertising in Advertisiing Effectiveness, Elissa Moses & Ani Ieroncig

This study conducted by Canada Post was to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of alternative media channels comparing direct mail with digital pre-roll videos, banners ads and email ads using EEG and Eye Tracking. It also examined the impact of sequencing within a campaign looking at the differences in having one type of media seen first vs. another.

Best Strategies To Win New Customers, Graeme Newell

Your product may be a big hit with loyal customers, but how can you charm new customers who are devoted to competitors or have never heard of you? Some companies are superstars at building irresistible customer appeal. An example-packed session will show the specific brand growth strategies behind these recruiting wizards.

Study of UNICEF Communication Campaign on bequests, Maurizio Mauri & Francesco Ambrogetti

The research investigated the cognitive and emotional reaction of 68 subjects while watching commercials and print campaign to promote bequests to Unicef. It was carried out a comparison between different TV commercials and several posters, in terms of visual behavior, spontaneous reaction, assessment and memory. The ultimate aim of the study was to understand what are the key elements of the campaign, the most emotionally engaging and the most important moments of the commercials, in order to identify the factors to focus on the communication to make it more effective for the specific target audience.

TIM and neuroscience: six years at the brand service, Fabio Babiloni & Paolo Teoducci

The use of neuroscience to improve the effectiveness of communication and to determine good pricing will be declined during the speech on some practical cases occurred in Italy from 2011 to date. In particular, from that date, TIM started a process of constant use of neuroscience for the assessment and analysis of its communication. This process has also affected the determination of some aspects of the new logo, launched recently.


Francesco Ambrogetti

Fundraising marketing Director UNICEF italia

babiloni new
Fabio Babiloni

Graduated with honours in Electronic Engineering, Babiloni earned a PhD in Neural Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. He is the scientific director of BrainSigns, a scientific innovation spin-off of the Sapienza University of Rome, where he teaches various courses in physiology, neuroscience, neuroeconomics, neuromarketing and bioengineering.

Author of over 250 scientific publications, he made the list of Top Italian Scientists, the best 2500 living Italian scientists in all fields of knowledge operating in Italy and abroad.

Michela Balconi

Professor in Neuropsychology & Cognitive Neuroscience at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Riccardo Barbieri

Bioengineering Professor Politecnico di Milano

Luca Florentino

CEO and Founder – Ottosunove
CEO of Ottosunove, communication company, and Member of the Executive Committee of Certamente – Italian Neuromarketing Days, the first Italian event about neuromarketing.

Eamon Fulcher
Eamon Fulcher

Cognitive-behavioural psychologist
Fulcher is a Director at Split Second Research, an international market research company. He is also a cognitive psychologist at Arden University an online learning university. His work is focused on implicit learning and consumer behaviour.

Alberto Gallace

Psychobiology Professor Università di Milano Bicocca

Alastair Herbert

Founder – Linguabrand
Linguabrand is a language-driven research and development consultancy. Herbert got his Business Administration PHD at the Cass Business School of London.

Ani Ieroncig

Director​ of​ Marketing Research at Canada Post

Jay Liebowitz

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Doriana De Marco

Researcher at Istituto di Neuroscience – CNR

Alberto Mattiacci

President of Società Italiana Marketing and Prof. in Business and Economics Management

Maurizio Mauri

Associate Researcher IULM

Elissa Moses

CEO Neuro & Behaviour science Ipsos

Graeme Newell

President – 602 Communications
He got his degree at the University of North Carolina. He’s researcher, speaker, author and President of 602 Communications, research, training and consulting company that specializes in emotional marketing.

Manuela Ricci

Trade Marketing Manager BSH Home Appliances

Vincenzo Russo

Consumer Behavior and Neuromarketing Professor of IULM, Communication and Languages University in Milan. Scientific Director of Neuromarketing Behavior and Brain Lab research centre of IULM. Scientific Director of both Food and Wine Communication Master, dedicated to wine and food promotion and esteem of local territory excellencies.

He has directed International and National research projects on the relation between emotions, decisions and consumer behaviour. He is the author of several neuromarketing publications such as “Psicologia della Comunicazione e Neuromarketing”, “Neuromarketing, Comunicazione e Alimentazione” and “Comunicare il Vino: tecniche di neuromarketing applicate”. He has also published on Internation journals such as  Frontiers in NeuroengineeringFood Quality and Preference; Journal of Consumer Behavior, Journal of Global Information Management and European Journal of Information Systems.

Graeme Newell
Paolo Teoducci

General Manager – TIM Foundation
Graduated in Business Administration – International Marketing. He holds the responsibility for Brand Strategy & Media REsearch and Benchmark for TIM.

Arianna Trettel
Arianna Trettel

BrainSigns Co-founder and Director
Marketing researcher, she promotes workshops and discussions about neuromarketing throughtout Italy and manages neuromarketing studies for big-name comapnies.

Daryl Weber

Brand consultant and former Global Director of Creative Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company

Daniel B. Yarosh

Chief Technology Advisor, Estee Lauder Companies