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Fabio Babiloni

Graduated with honours in Electronic Engineering, Babiloni earned a PhD in Neural Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. He is the scientific director of BrainSigns, a scientific innovation spin-off of the Sapienza University of Rome, where he teaches various courses in physiology, neuroscience, neuroeconomics, neuromarketing and bioengineering.

Author of over 250 scientific publications, he made the list of Top Italian Scientists, the best 2500 living Italian scientists in all fields of knowledge operating in Italy and abroad.

Gaia Corradini

Corporate, Marketing & Digital Communication Manager, Bosch
Passionate about storytelling, she is Corporate, Marketing & Digital Communications Manager at Robert Bosch and she coordinates the Advertising (ATL / BTL), Promotions, Events, Digital Projects and CSR team.

Michele Costabile

Marketing Professor – Luiss University Rome
Michele Costabile is Director of the MSc. in Marketing and Executive Director of X.ITE, a LUISS Research Center on Marketing and Technology. He has an extensive teaching and research experience in Italy and abroad. He actively participates in the most
prestigious academic conferences throughout the world.

Roger Dooley
Roger Dooley

Author of Brainfluence
He is an author, international keynote speaker and consultant. He is a recognized expert in the use of brain and behavior research to improve marketing and communication. He is the author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing.

Luca Florentino

CEO and Founder – Ottosunove
CEO of Ottosunove, communication company, and Member of the Executive Committee of Certamente – Italian Neuromarketing Days, the first Italian event about neuromarketing.

Eamon Fulcher
Eamon Fulcher

Cognitive-behavioural psychologist
Fulcher is a Director at Split Second Research, an international market research company. He is also a cognitive psychologist at Arden University an online learning university. His work is focused on implicit learning and consumer behaviour.

Francesco Gallucci

Vice-president, AINEM – Italian Association of Neuromarketing
One of the first pioneers in the Italian Neuromarketing, Vice-President of AINEM (Italian Association of Neuromarketing), Scientific Director of Neurolab at GTechnology Research Entity Foundation (Fondazione Organismo di Ricerca). Professor of Emotional Marketing at Politecnico of Milan.

Luigi Gia

Journalist – Affari&Finanza
Journalist since 1983, he is at Gruppo Espresso since 1988 and since 2004 is Chief Editor of La Repubblica- Affari & Finanza.

Andrea Giovenali

Founder and CEO – Nextplora
Founder and CEO of Nextplora, insight management company, Vice President of Assirm up to 2017, he deals with knowledge generation about markets and people behaviors with smart data.

Alastair Herbert

Founder – Linguabrand
Linguabrand is a language-driven research and development consultancy. Herbert got his Business Administration PHD at the Cass Business School of London.

Laura Iucci

Private Sector Partnership Officer Leadership Giving UNHCR Italy Greece and Portugal
Graduated in Political Science with a Master in Geopolitics and International Security, Laura Lucci works with the United Nations High Commissioner UNHCR. She takes care of Companies, Foundations, Major Donors and Testamentary Bequests in Italy, Greece and Portugal within the Unit of Private Sector Partnership.

Gesa Lischka

Owner and co-founder of Kochstrasse™
Gesa is an expert in b2b and b2c brand marketing. Over the last years she has been presenting and explaining neuromarketing concepts and case studies among international business auditories.

Barbara Monteleone

Senior Strategic Planner -Ottosunove

Francesco Morace

President of Future Concept Lab and Creator of Festival della Crescita
He has been working for over thirty years in the sociological and market research field. He is President of Future Concept Lab and creator of the Festival della Crescita and Professor of Social Innovation at Politecnico di Milano.

Matteo Motterlini

Full Professor of Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Economy, San Raffaele University and Director of the Centre of Experimental and Applied Epistemology
E.ON Professor in Behavior Change. Full Professor of Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Economy – San Raffaele University, where he is the Director of the Centre of Experimental and Applied Epistemology Chief Behavioral Officer of San Donato Hospital Group.

Andy Myers
Andy Myers

Director – Walnut Unlimited
He got his Cognitive Neuroimaging PHD at the University of Surrey. He is an expert in the field of market research and Director at Walnut Unlimited, human understanding agency.

Graeme Newell

President – 602 Communications
He got his degree at the University of North Carolina. He’s researcher, speaker, author and President of 602 Communications, research, training and consulting company that specializes in emotional marketing.

Diego Parassole

Author, actor, comedian and coach
Comic actor and polyvalent playwright, coach, mindfulness trainer, in his plays he’s particularly sensible to borderline themes like ecology and neursciences.

Rumen Pozharliev

Marketing Professor – Luiss University Rome
He is a senior research fellow at X.ITE, an interdisciplinary Research Center on Behavior and Technology at Luiss University in Rome. Using neuromarketing research methods, he seeks to better understand the influence of social context on neurophysiological and cognitive processes that are used in measuring and predicting advertising effectiveness.

Vincenzo Russo

Consumer Behavior and Neuromarketing Professor of IULM, Communication and Languages University in Milan. Scientific Director of Neuromarketing Behavior and Brain Lab research centre of IULM. Scientific Director of both Food and Wine Communication Master, dedicated to wine and food promotion and esteem of local territory excellencies.

He has directed International and National research projects on the relation between emotions, decisions and consumer behaviour. He is the author of several neuromarketing publications such as “Psicologia della Comunicazione e Neuromarketing”, “Neuromarketing, Comunicazione e Alimentazione” and “Comunicare il Vino: tecniche di neuromarketing applicate”. He has also published on Internation journals such as  Frontiers in NeuroengineeringFood Quality and Preference; Journal of Consumer Behavior, Journal of Global Information Management and European Journal of Information Systems.

Serena Savoca

Marketing Manager – Carlsberg Italia
In 2013 she begins working in Carlsberg Italia, as brand manager of Tuborg. Since 2015 she coordinates the italian marketing teams, responsible for the implementation of the plans for Tuborg, Carlsberg, Grimbergen and Brooklyn Brewery, and of the strategic and operational development of the local brand, Birrificio Angelo Poretti, both in italy and abroad.

Graeme Newell
Paolo Teoducci

General Manager – TIM Foundation
Graduated in Business Administration – International Marketing. He holds the responsibility for Brand Strategy & Media REsearch and Benchmark for TIM.

Arianna Trettel
Arianna Trettel

BrainSigns Co-founder and Director
Marketing researcher, she promotes workshops and discussions about neuromarketing throughtout Italy and manages neuromarketing studies for big-name comapnies.