jessica adel
Jessica Adel

Jessica Adel has been working with insights for several years with a mission to help businesses take an outside in approach to decision making.

Adel is passionate about making insight actionable, clear and useful – understanding the consumers wants, behaviors and needs are the first building blocks of the long term success of any business.

babiloni new
Fabio Babiloni

Graduated with honours in Electronic Engineering, Babiloni earned a PhD in Neural Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. He is the scientific director of BrainSigns, a scientific innovation spin-off of the Sapienza University of Rome, where he teaches various courses in physiology, neuroscience, neuroeconomics, neuromarketing and bioengineering.

Author of over 250 scientific publications, he made the list of Top Italian Scientists, the best 2500 living Italian scientists in all fields of knowledge operating in Italy and abroad.

de balanzo
Cristina de Balanzo

She is Consultancy Director for Walnut Unlimited. Cristina de Balanzo, PhD defines herself as a strategic planner, scientist, researcher, consultant, speaker, lecturer and passionate about brands and brains.

Always curious about human beings, but still trying to understand English humour and cricket. Walnut is now the human understanding agency owned by the Unlimited group.

Francesco Cantini

He is Managing Director North Europe for Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. After a short period in J. Walter Thompson Italy, in 1994 he began a twenty-year path in Colgate-Palmolive, first in marketing in Italy and then in 2000 in New York where he was in charge of Business Development Emerging Markets and Marketing Director Latin America.

In 2007 he returned to Italy as Marketing and Sales Director of the branch, and later took over the General Management job until the creation of the South Europe Region in 2014 of which he became VP and General Manager.Ever since his professional beginnings Francesco has developed a genuine passion for marketing in all its aspects and forms, making it a constant and central element of his approach to business.

della casa
Roberto Della Casa

He is Marketing and AgroFood Products Management at the School of Economics and Management of Università di Bologna. In 2001 he founded Italiafruit News, the first web network for fruit and vegetable professionals. Since 199 ohe has directed Agroter, a service company in the research consultancy area for issues related to marketing and communication, especially for companies in the agro-industrial sector.

He also carries out research, consultancy and training activities at international level in the agrofood sector, with a focus on fresh products and on the issues of strategic and operational marketing, organization and business management from a distributional perspective.

patrizia cherubino
Patrizia Cherubino

Since 2010 she’s working with BrainSigns in the field of research and innovation and she is responsible for neuromarketing projects. Patrizia Cherubino is graduated with honors in Business Administration and from March 2016 she holds the Ph.D. in “Economics Management and Communication for creativity” at the “IULM” University specializing her studies on neuromarketing analysis.

She is also co-author of several publications on neuromarketing on peer reviewed scientific journals and co-author of a neuromarketing book.

Christina Finlay
Christina Finlay

Christina Finlay is Director, Insight & Data at the National Trust.

 She leads a team to collect and use data as well as quantitative and qualitative research to understand potential and current audiences of the National Trust in order to grow support for our conservation work, and to ensure that our audiences have a brilliant day when they visit.  

florentino 2019
Luca Florentino

He is Founder and CEO of OTTOSUNOVEUsing a behavioral and neuromarketing approach, OTTOSUNOVE develops projects, working on brand development, in store marketing and retail design.

His consulting clients include B/S/H House Appliances Group, Angelini, Glaxosmithkline CH, Pfizer and Bayer. He is also member of the Executive Board of CERTAMENTE  and a lecturer at universities and companies on neuromarketing and communication.

Nick Harmsen
Nick Harmsen

After a career in international marketing management Nick changed course and specialized in behavioural research.

Nick Harmsen founded Beautiful Clarity with the mission to join behavioural science with data analytics to explain both cause and effect of marketing actions and to offer clarity when solving complex problems.

Daniele Manca

He is assistant director and editorialist of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, where he joined in 1994, holding the current positions since 2009.

A graduate of the Dams of Bologna, Institute of Communication, he was Inaugural Fellow of the Sulzberger program at Columbia University School of Journalism, and then worked in major Italian newspapers and magazines, from Mondo Economico to Panorama, from Italia Oggi to Il Giorno.

He followed and organized the coverage of the main Italian economic and political events: from the 1986 stock market boom in the so-called Mani Pulite, from the birth of the euro to the Fiat rescue and the European Central Bank, from the Maastricht Treaty to the Lisbon Treaty, from the crisis in 2008 to the birth of the Monti, Letta, Renzi, Gentiloni and finally Conte governments.

Profound connoisseur of the protagonists and the events of the Italian economy and politics, he managed the digital breakthrough of Corriere della Sera. He is lecturer at the Walter Tobagi Journalism Master – University of Milan with the course of “Journalism in the digital age” and a member of the Scientific Committee of the IULM Journalism Master.

monteleone 19
Barbara Monteleone

She is Strategic Planner and collaborates with Ottosunove since its foundation. She has over thirty years of communication experience. After  working in London with Banca Commerciale Italiana, she began her professional career in the communication field with the main International advertising networks (Y&R, JWT Milan and Rome, Leo Burnett/BGS), managing the relationships with major companies, such as Barilla-Mulino Bianco, Unilever, Alitalia and Fiat.

She played the role as International Client Director, with management responsibilities and co-ordination of the European network for a long time.

elissa moses
Elissa Moses

Elissa Moses established and leads the global Neuroscience and Behavioral Science Center at Ipsos. The “Center” develops nonconscious measurement tools for understanding engagement and emotion of the brand experience for integration into client research.  

As a neuromarketing pioneer, Elissa has been instrumental in vetting, validating and productizing a number of nonconsious methodologies to allow for more holistic understanding of consumer response and behavior.

Prior to joining Ipsos, Elissa was an entrpreneur (EmSense & The BrainWaves Group), a client (Gillette, Philips, Seagram) and an advertising strategist (BBDO, DMB&B, Grey.) She is also a book author of The $100 Million Allowance; a frequent speaker and writer of articles and a reviewer for the “Journal Of Advertising Research.” Elissa is also working on her Masters in Technology Management at Columbia University.

Matteo Motterlini

Full Professor of Philosophy of Science and E.On Professor in Behavior Change at – San Raffaele University where he is the Director of the Centre of Experimental and Applied Epistemology.

Former Adviser for Social and Behavioral Sciences of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Chief Behavioral Officer of San Donato Hospital Group.

He collaborates with Corriere Economia (Corriere della Sera) and IlSole24Ore since several years. The scope of his researches is to examine the neurobiological bases of the decision-making processes within economic-financial contexts, with particular emphasis on the role played by emotions.

Carlo Oldrini

He is Vice President Marketing for Ipsos Italia. He has been doing market research for 25 years: since 2005 he has worked for Ipsos from Paris, before moving to Milan in 2013. Since 2015 he has created two Behavioural Shopper Lab in Milan and Bari.

He now works on the developement of new research methodologies by combining neurosciences, eye tracking results and traditional systems. He is the author of the book: Gli occhi del consumatore. Le scelte di acquisto analizzate con occhiali eye-tracking.

Vincenzo Russo

Consumer Behavior and Neuromarketing Professor of IULM, Communication and Languages University in Milan. Scientific Director of Neuromarketing Behavior and Brain Lab research centre of IULM. Scientific Director of both Food and Wine Communication Master, dedicated to wine and food promotion and esteem of local territory excellencies.

He has directed International and National research projects on the relation between emotions, decisions and consumer behaviour. He is the author of several neuromarketing publications such as “Psicologia della Comunicazione e Neuromarketing”, “Neuromarketing, Comunicazione e Alimentazione” and “Comunicare il Vino: tecniche di neuromarketing applicate”. He has also published on Internation journals such as  Frontiers in NeuroengineeringFood Quality and Preference; Journal of Consumer Behavior, Journal of Global Information Management and European Journal of Information Systems.

carlos dos santos
Carlos Dos Santos

He is CEO of Amorim Cork Italy, the Italian branch of the cork production global giant. Thanks to his peculiar sensitivity, it has translated into unique results both the technical and sensorial performances of the service Amorim Cork Italia and the Etico initiative or the Eticork award, with which the company manifests all his care for socially disadvantaged situations and the environment, with a single, eclectic and all-natural theme: the cork.

Raised between Africa, Portugal and Italy, Dos Santos is a versatile polyglot. His interests range from travel to cooking, from painting to historical cars.

Jessica Southard

Jessica Southard is Senior Insights Manager for Mars, Incorporated.  She is CMI “Explorer”, a newly created role focused on identifying novel approaches, tools and solutions to solve both today and tomorrow’s business problems through a network of internal and external experts.

She brings Behavioral Sciences into the business world as a unique lens into understanding why people do what they do. Prior to Mars, Jessica spent seven years at Procter & Gamble and was intelligence” officer and two deployments to Iraq at the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) of the US Army.

colin strong
Colin Strong

Global Head of Behavioural Science at Ipsos UK, Colin Strong is a consumer researcher who combines market research with behavioural science working with several public and private organisations, helping them to create new and innovative solutions to long-standing strategy and policy challenges.

He strongly believes in the power of data to obtain useful consumer insights to reshape business models and public policy. Strong is the author of Humanizing Big Data and runs the website Facta+, which deals with topics such as psychology, business and technology.

Paolo Teoducci

He is now Events & Experience Design Manager for StartupItalia, Founder #Gameventing and member of the Scientific Committee of the Master in Sport Marketing and Communication of IULM Milan.

He has a degree in Economics and International Marketing. Teoducci has been Research & Neuromarketing Manager TIM, General Manager of the TIM Foundation, Brand Strategy & Media – Telecom Italia’s Events Manager with skills on institutional and product communication, sponsorship, marketing and sales for eight years abroad and seven in Italy. Teoducci is a Brand and Live Communication expert: his interests include Neuromarketing and Gamification.

carolyn yoon
Carolyn Yoon

She is Marketing Professor and Psychologic and Neural decision processes researcher at University of Michigan. Carolyn Yoon’s research seeks to advance the understanding of psychological and neural mechanisms underlying judgment and decision processes, especially in consumer contexts and across different social and cultural environments.

She takes a multi-level and multi-systems approach to clarify basic processing mechanisms that lead to specific behavioral outcomes in domains involving consumer decision making.

In so doing, she considers the interplay between neurobiology, environment, and behavior in order to develop meaningful insights for consumers, practitioners, and public policymakers.