Elissa Moses - Certamente - Italian Neuromarketing Days 2018
elissa moses

Elissa Moses

Elissa Moses established and leads the global Neuroscience and Behavioral Science Center at Ipsos. The “Center” develops nonconscious measurement tools for understanding engagement and emotion of the brand experience for integration into client research.

As a neuromarketing pioneer, Elissa has been instrumental in vetting, validating and productizing a number of nonconsious methodologies to allow for more holistic understanding of consumer response and behavior.

Prior to joining Ipsos, Elissa was an entrpreneur (EmSense & The BrainWaves Group), a client (Gillette, Philips, Seagram) and an advertising strategist (BBDO, DMB&B, Grey.) She is also a book author of The $100 Million Allowance; a frequent speaker and writer of articles and a reviewer for the “Journal Of Advertising Research.” Elissa is also working on her Masters in Technology Management at Columbia University.