yener girisken

Yener Girişken

Dr. Yener Girişken holds a marketing Ph.D. from Istanbul University and MBA majoring in marketing, from University of North Carolina Charlotte, USA. Girişken is Assc. Prof at Altinbas University, lecturing neuromarketing for master class. He is the founder and CEO of ThinkNeuro, the leader Neuromarketing company in Turkey. Thinkneuro, who operates in 17 countries, has conducted 1000+ TVC, packaging, branding, customer experience (shopper, UX, CX), digital and motivation neuro tests since 2011.

TED speaker Girişken has been giving speeches in academic and professional conferences world-wide. Dr. Girişken has number of international academic publications and he is the author of the book “Perceive the Reality” that covers both theoretical and practical framework of consumer neuroscience.