was born in 2016 as an event to disseminate knowledge of and innovations in the neuroscientific approach to marketing and communication, with the involvement of keynote speakers and internationally renowned companies. It brings together different but complementary skills from two Italian organizations, both members of NMSBA, the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, a globally recognized international neuromarketing association: Ottosunove, a communications agency that applies neuromarketing and behavioural sciences insights to brand strategies and projects, and Brainsigns, a spin-off of Università La Sapienza di Roma which carries out neuroscientific research.

17 MAY 2023

The sixth edition of CERTAMENTE returns to Milan, in a location soon to be revealed. The event will be an opportunity to understand the effectiveness of the application of neuromarketing and behavioural sciences to marketing and communication strategies through the testimony of experts, scholars and managers, and the presentation of practical cases conducted by companies and brands. We can’t wait to investigate together with you the wonders of the human brain and the unexpected territories it leads us into: let’s FOLLOW THE BRAIN’S LEAD!



Discover all the surprising viewpoints from which the theme of RELATIONSHIP will be explored.

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